Dr. Bob Beeson - BSc Hons, PhD
Managing Director

Dr. Bob Beeson is a professional geologist with over 35 years of experience in mineral exploration and development. He has held senior management positions with Billiton Australia, Acacia Resources, North Limited and New Hampton Goldfields, and has extensive experience in leading and managing teams in many regions of the world. He has been Managing Director of Aura Energy Ltd since its listing in 2006 and is a Non-Executive Director of Drake Resources Limited.

Highlights of Dr. Beeson’s specific uranium exploration experience include:

  • Led major geochemical exploration programmes for sediment-hosted and magmatic uranium deposits throughout South Africa
  • Specialist geochemist in a multi-national team in the Middle East
  • Conducted major review and targeting programme of the Alligator Rivers Uranium field for Mobil Energy Minerals
  • Led Aura’s team that has made greenfields uranium discoveries in Sweden, West Africa and Western Australia