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Aura is a resources company with interests in exploration and project development in Mauritania and Sweden.  Aura recognises that some of these activities will impact directly and indirectly on the local environments and communities, and is committed to undertaking its activities in a sustainable and socially responsible manner and mitigate these impacts.

To achieve this Aura is committed to:

  • The continued development of policies, plans and strategies for Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement, Biodiversity Management, Resource Use, Emissions Management and Climate Change;
  • Ensuring that independent bodies assess Aura's policies, processes and plans and define progress in areas such as Sustainability, Emissions and Resources Use relevant to differing areas of activities;
  • The continued training and communication to employees and contractors on matters related to Environmental Management and the importance of natural resources including soils, vegetation, water, energy, waste and mineral products/by-products;
  • Engaging with stakeholders in good faith around issues of common and shared interest, whilst working to develop qualitative and quantitative indicators around this engagement;
  • Undertaking rehabilitation and recovery of disturbed areas in a timely manner, consistent with industry standards, regulatory requirements and relevant guidelines;
  • Providing opportunity for the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable options through a process of continuous improvement; and
  • Communicating with stakeholders, regulatory authorities, employees and community on environmental performance and progress in activities.

Environmental policy

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