Kallsedet Project


Kallsedet Project

Ownership: 100% Aura
Location: near Kallsedet, Sweden, close to the Norwegian border
Coverage Area: 147 km2
Assay Test Results: Average of 100 to 233 ppm U3O8
Status: Drilling programme completed

Aura’s wholly owned Kallsedet Project covers 147 square kilometres near Kallsedet in Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. The area was explored by the Swedish government in the 1970s, where they found good grades of uranium, although at lesser thicknesses than at Häggån.

Aura anticipates that a large proportion of its permits in Kallsedet are underlain by the Alum Shale. In addition, fieldwork in the area has identified a number of radiometrically anomalous zones corresponding with the position of the Alum Shale. Aura is highly encouraged by the consistent values obtained from surface rock-chip sampling.

Research has also shown that parts of the shale are relatively high grade. For example, one sample collected by the Swedish Geological Survey contained 304 ppm uranium, and one sample collected by Aura contained 233 ppm uranium. In addition, 19 out of 81 samples contained greater than 100ppm uranium, despite surface leaching. Surface radioactivity is at a level above that found in the Storsjön Project area. The shale contains no calcite veining, which may enhance metal extraction.

Aura’s 2011 four-hole diamond drilling programme over 419 metres returned promising results, revealing thick, mineralised intersections varying from 12 to 98 metres in cumulative thickness. The results confirmed the widespread occurrence of uraniferous shale in the Project Area and the potential for Aura to establish another significant deposit in Sweden.